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About White Rose Samui

White Rose Samui offers bespoke management and related services to owners of villas and estates, and through its representation of those owners, White Rose Samui offers exceptional properties for holiday rentals, long term lets or purchase in Koh Samui.

The roots of the Company in Samui date back to the early 1980's when the island was predominantly a back packer destination. As Samui went through rapid growth in the 1990's, and evolved into the internationally acclaimed destination of choice it is today, so did White Rose Samui. The Company's European and Thai management have many years continuous experience on the ground in Koh Samui, and long-standing relationships with its clients.

White Rose Samui is selective with the properties it represents, looking carefully at location, build quailty, furnishing specifications and overall feel of any villa or development in its portfolio. The Company's client base comes from all over the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our tropical island and to the privilege of showcasing not only our properties but also the Thai hospitality of our Samui-based team.

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